The Importance of a Thank You

This week I sent thank you cards to my grant review committee with a personalized note.

Here’s an email from one of those volunteers:

I received your “Thank You” card in the mail yesterday. What a thoughtful surprise! The fact that no one seems to write any more makes the gesture all the more appreciated.

The thank you card made my volunteer feel appreciated and it made me feel good to get that response.

I am the development director at a nonprofit and we participated in KY Gives Day in May. We had 21 people donate to us and I sent a personalized thank you card to each of them.

I donated to an organization that day and received nothing. No thank you, no acknowledgement of my gift, not even a tax receipt. Did anyone even care that I donated? Next year on KY Gives Day, I probably won’t be donating to that organization again.

A thank you is not time consuming and it’s a really nice gesture for your donors and volunteers. Take the time and show your appreciation for the people that care about your cause!



Favorite Nonprofit Organizations in Lexington!

I’d like to feature some of my favorite nonprofit organizations in Lexington! Find a list of 13 on Twitter by clicking here!

Radio Eye

I am the part-time Development Director at Radio Eye and was the Studio Manager from 2012 – 2014.

Radio Eye is a radio reading service for people who are visually impaired or for anyone who cannot easily pick up printed material and read it for themselves. We broadcast off low powered radio frequencies and give our listeners special radios to access the broadcast. The broadcast can also be heard at, the iBlink smartphone app, an 800 number, and NFB-NEWSLINE. We are also on cable channel 20 until noon each day and in many hospitals and nursing homes. Printed material is recorded or read live by about 150 volunteers each year. We read many local publications like the Herald-Leader, Courier Journal, and many city newspapers, and also have a book series, health corner, and so much more!


I have been volunteering with GleanKY on their Burgers & Beats Committee this year! Burgers and Beats is coming up on July 17th at Wallace Station. It’s going to be an amazing event!

From their website – GleanKY gathers and redistributes excess fruits and vegetables to nourish Kentucky’s hungry. By gleaning (aka, collecting) excess produce from grocery stores, supermarkets, farms, orchards and farmers’ markets, GleanKY reduces local food waste and provides fruits and vegetable for more than 50 food pantries, meal programs and neighborhoods in food deserts. GleanKY produce is never sold and is intended only for food-insecure people. Since our inception, we have served as a vital link between local sources of food and hunger programs. We glean more than 800 times a year and yet we’ve just scratched the surface of diverting wasted food. As GleanKY’s food sources and partners grow, we’re expanding outside of Fayette County.

They need volunteers!!

Bluegrass Council of the Blind

I worked at BCB as the Director of Programs from 2014 – 2016 and it was an amazing experience. I worked directly with people who were losing/had lost their vision and helped provide information on resources and helped train on assistive technology.

BCB has 2 programs – Peer Support and Assistive Technology & Training. They have monthly Community Outings and Peer Support Meetings, provide training on technology such as iProducts, and provide information and referral services.

Kidney Health Alliance of Kentucky

I’ve been involved with KHAKY for a couple years now. Polycystic Kidney Disease runs in my family and I decided to search for a place to volunteer that helps others with kidney disease.

KHAKY provides Public Education & Patient Services. They do speaking engagements and kidney disease screenings.

I scheduled KHAKY for a Peer Support Meeting at Bluegrass Council of the Blind and the Executive Director, Pat Ham, and a volunteer came in and did 16 urine analyses for our group. Through these screenings, they have informed many people, including myself, of abnormalities in their results so they can go to a doctor and get further testing.

Kidney disease can go without symptoms until as much as 90% of kidney function has been lost!

KHAKY also provides direct patient services including providing supplements at discounted prices and help getting cleared for a kidney transplant.

All these awesome nonprofit organizations would greatly appreciate your donations!

Check out my Twitter list of 13 great nonprofit organizations!

Favorite Articles of the Week #2

This week I have been focused on learning more about monthly giving campaigns. I gave a presentation to a small nonprofit’s board of directors about monthly giving and it started a great conversation and moved them to action!

The two articles about monthly giving I enjoyed this week are from the Classy Blog

  1. The 5 Must-Haves of a Monthly Recurring Revenue Campaign
  2. How to Manage and Grow Your Monthly Giving Program Effectively 

The third article is from QuickBase, written by Alison Green, about Team Productivity. #2 is really interesting – Science says you’re working at the wrong time!



Favorite Articles of the Week

I read a TON of articles and blog posts each week. As Leonardo da Vinci said, “Learning never exhausts the mind.” Each Sunday, come back here and find my top 3 (usually) articles of the week.

Here are my top 3 favorites of this week!

1. From Inc. Magazine – Use These 11 Words in Emails and You’ll Sound Spectacularly Rude

2. From Classy Blog – 25 Twitter Tips for the Modern Nonprofit

3. And another from Inc. Magazine – The 1 Company Perk That All Employees Crave (and It’s Completely Free)

I also always start my mornings with the Ask a Manager blog by Alison Green. Alison answers management and job related questions and tells it like it is. Her advice is always on point! Her resume and cover letter advice is great, as well as her interviewing advice. Check it out!


Extended Social Resource (ESR) LFUCG Grant Program

Chris Ford, Commissioner of Social Services, hosted two presentations today (April 15th)  at 10am and 2pm about the Extended Social Resource (ESR) Grant Program through the Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government’s Department of Social Services.

Last year, the grants were awarded to 49 local social and human services organizations. There were 68 submitted grant requests. The grants were awarded on a two year basis.

Here is a breakdown of the priority areas and the grant awards for FY16:


For currently funded agencies, new Purchase Service Agreements will be distributed. Here is a link to the Mayor’s Proposed Budget FY16-17, which includes partner agencies.

Potential policy revisions and considerations for FY2018 include:

  1. Re-establish Annual Grant Cycle
    1. This was proposed but the committee seemed to prefer the 2-year cycle
  2. Redefine Funding Priorities – Total Estimate for FY2018: $3,000,000
    1. Emergency Shelter – 25% $750,000
      1. Direct set-aside, administered by the Office of Homelessness Prevention and Intervention
    2. Food Security & Nutrition – 15% $450,000
    3. Health & Safety – 35% $1,050,000
    4. Youth Development – 25% $750,000
  3. Grant Requests & Funding Limits
    1. Aggregate maximum award $750,000 total per single agency
    2. One application per agency maximum for each priority area
      1. One application can include more than one program
  4. Evaluation & Ranking Process
    1. ESR Advisory Evaluation Committee membership may consist exclusively of LFUCG staff members and stakeholders including the Department of Social Services, the Division of Grants and Special Programs, the Social Services Advisory Board, and the Homeless Prevention and Intervention Board

ESR Program – Next Steps

  • Spring/Summer 2016: ESR Guidelines adopted by Council Resolution
  • Fall 2016: Open FY2018 Grant Process
  • December 2016: ESR Grant Application Deadline
  • April 2017: Announcement of Grant Awards in Mayor’s FY2018 Proposed Budget
  • June 2017: Council ratifies FY2018 Budget
  • July 2017: Purchase of Service Agreements Executed
  • Summer 2017: Agency ESR Programming Begins


**Information taken from Commissioner Ford’s presentation